Why choose Bear Environmental?

Bear Environmental was founded by Mike Stopa out of a desire to improve standards and make life easier for developers and those in construction facing environmental issues.

Our mission is to understand and respond to your project needs, providing effective solutions which reduce risk and impact but still provide conservation opportunities.

A new approach

Having worked in-house for a number of years, Mike had become increasingly conscious of how the different ecological and environmental issues that regularly arise on site, usually means a plethora of different professionals being engaged. The result of which often leads to delays, increased costs and an over cumbersome process.
Mike also believes that all stakeholders in a project have the right to expect an experienced professional on site. Someone competent and confident enough to make on the spot the decisions in a high-pressure environment and with far reaching implications (and which need to be communicated to a number of different stakeholders).

Combining expertise and experience

Mike Stopa

Mike is a Chartered Ecologist, Chartered Environmentalist and Principal Ecologist of ECoW team leadership. He has over 15 years of experience as well as UNESCO training in water quality assessment and monitoring and European protected species licenses. This allows him to undertake work that would otherwise be in breach of pertinent wildlife legislation.

Our highly skilled and multi-discipline team

All our professionals have a multi discipline skill set, enabling them to deal with the most common and varied issues that arise on site. They also all have at least 10 years of industry experience.

As a team, we have the expertise and experience. We are strong communicators with a thorough understanding of construction and highly complex projects. And above all else, we’re extremely hard working. As a result, we’ve built a reputation of professional excellence.

Our intention is that you as clients, should enjoy a higher standard of service, a more efficient service and all at a very competitive rate.

Where do we operate

We operate throughout the UK and have offices in Central Scotland (Glasgow) and south-west England (Bristol).

Glasgow and Bristol location map