Ecology and Biodiversity

Understanding the natural environment is key to the smooth running and success of your development.

Our aim is to work with developers to achieve planning targets by incorporating ecological protection and compensation within existing designs. Where development has the potential to impact on European or known protected species, then legal and/ or planning obligations may require adequate ecological surveys.

Mitigation and compensation

Robust and informed decision making can reduce the impact on ecosystems, both globally and locally. We provide educated decisions in mitigation and compensation to provide a positive impact on the natural environment.

Surveys and protected species

Our experienced professionals undertake surveys without the risk of delays via repeat surveys. Should specific species be confirmed then regulatory bodies will require our licenced ecologists to carry out actions that might otherwise constitute an offence in relation to that species.

Our surveyors hold a range of European protected species licenses for Scottish Natural Heritage and Natural England allowing us to undertake ecological work that would otherwise be in breach of wildlife legislation.

Ecological and Non-native invasive species surveys
Preliminary ecological appraisal

Extended Phase 1
Ground Water Dependent Terrestrial Ecosystems

Impact Assessments (EcIA)
Habitats Regulations Appraisal - Appropriate Assessment
Habitat Management and
Biodiversity Action Plan
Ecological mitigation
and compensation
Long term monitoring and
camera trap surveys