We provide developers and the construction industry, with experienced Chartered environmental professionals who can deal with all the common issues that arise during a development or project.

We have a stellar track record of Environmental and Ecological Clerk of the Works (ECoW) roles and leadership, hold a number of protected species licences, as well as water quality assessment training.

Bear Environmental Ltd is an environmental consultancy with expertise in all stages of a development’s life cycle. We operate throughout the UK in both the public and private sectors and offer competitive pricing, proactive assistance and a multi-disciplinary approach to ecology and the environment.

What sets us apart?

Each of our Chartered professionals can complete all environmental due diligence, from water quality assessment and waste management to site based Environmental and Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) roles. This eliminates the need to engage different professionals for different issues, thereby reducing costs and delays. And it means you’ll always have a senior professional on site.

We also hold a range of European protected species licenses, have considerable expertise in field work and high-level technical reporting and analysis.



Ecology and biodiversity

Ecology and biodiversity

Has a local authority or similar requested a preliminary ecological survey?

We will complete all ecological and specialist surveys
Submit development licences to enable your works to continue
Deliver site specific mitigation and compensation
Advise on programme/financial risks.


Ecological and Environmental Clerk of Works

Are you approaching the construction stage of any size project?
  • Our ECoWs will produce your technical documents (EMP, CEMP etc.)
  • Provide practical site advice, instruction and supervision to construction projects
  • Site specific and innovative solutions to ecology, water, waste or other environmental problems.

Water quality

Water Quality

Is there a risk of water pollution from your project?

We outline monitoring programmes
Undertake water quality monitoring from simple river ‘health’ assessments to long-term monitoring pre or post construction of large scale projects.

Environmental Assessment

Environmental Assessment

Do you have to undertake an Environmental Assessment of your development?
  • We have the capability to produce technical documents to assess potential effects on the environment from a proposed development.
  • Negative effects can be designed out or measures taken to reduce or avoid effects.